Adding and Editing Images in Image Galleries

  1. Prepare your images before uploading. Keep in mind that the Bulk Upload tool will use the file name of the image as the title, which will also be used to generate a URL alias for the image. Images should have the correct orientation before uploading as there is no method in Drupal to rotate images.

  2. FTP your images to, the file path is /Library/WebServer/mmi/files/mmi/images/import.

  3. You will need to create Image Galleries for your images. The galleries are actually terms in a vocabulary. You can add new galleries (terms) here (choose Add term tab):
 /admin/content/taxonomy/54/add/term. Choose parent, select a term name (name for your Image Gallery), add a detailed description about the Gallery, then click Submit. You can view the Galleries that you created by selecting the List tab. If needed, you can edit or delete a term by choosing “edit” on the right.

  4. Return to the image import tool, and select your images by choosing the checkbox to the left of each image file. You can select multiple images by checking the first image checkbox, then scroll down or up the list and shift+click another image checkbox - the second image and everything in between will be selected for import. Each image file has text boxes to enter Title and Body (caption). An easy way to enter multiple captions is to copy one caption and paste it into all the Body categories. Select Group Filing Content, if applicable. Select the gallery (term) name in the pulldown box (see step 2 for creating gallery names), and then click Import.

  5. To view your images, go to MMI Image Galleries: /image. You can browse the galleries and choose an image to view or edit here.

  6. To edit how the thumbnails and associated information are displayed in Image Galleries, please contact an MMI site administrator.

  7. Bulk operations can be performed on image nodes using the Bulk Operations on Images view