Establishing a Team Presence (For Team Leads)

As the team lead, you have been invited (or recruited) to coordinate the activities of a group of colleagues. This is an important function within the MMI project, and your time, effort, and participation is appreciated!

So, now what?

The MMI site supports the activities of your group in a variety of ways. Most of this functionality is centered on the "group" section of the site. There are five main activities designed specifically for you as a group lead:

  1. Describe the Team
  2. Categorize Team Resources
  3. Manage Team Membership
  4. Customize the Team Section (Optional)
  5. Maximize Site Functionality (Optional)

You are welcome to explore the functionality, and make use of a variety of tools.

Step 1: Describe the Team

While the group is technically established by site administrators, it is not described to the MMI community.  As the group lead, you are encouraged to provide a community-friendly overview of the group, it's function and goals on the default homepage.  When the group is established, you will receive an email notification, which includes a link to the default team homepage.

To describe your group:

  1. Use the link provided in the email to access the default team homepage.
  2. Click the "Edit" tab to enter descriptive information, including a group description, and title.

The information entered into this page will do two things:

  1. The default homepage will be established using the "Welcome Message"
  2. Your group will be presented on the MMI site in the ways specified, using the information provided.

For more information, see Describing the Team

Step 2: Categorize Team Resources

Now that you have an established presence for the team, you can begin to submit content! When you create content for your group, be sure to assign a "type" in the Group Content Filing System, and a specific group in the Group section.

For more information, see Categorizing Team Documents

Step 3: Manage Team Membership

The group homepage can be used to send potential team members information about the project. Depending on the options selected in the group description, you can invite members to join, request membership, or you can add them manually.

For more information, see Managing Team Membership

Step 4: Customize the Team Section (optional)

The site administrators have established a default homepage for your team. You are welcome, however, to customize that page. This process involves establishing a "page" from within the group section.

For more information, see Customizing A Team Section

Step 5: Maximize Site Functionality (optional)

There are a variety of tools available for group use on the MMI web site. These advanced functionalities will continue to grow and develop as the project website matures.

For more information, see Maximizing Site Functionality