Creating an Image Gallery for your Group

In the process of achieving their goals, a group might develop figures, collect photographs, or gather other image files of interest. These can be uploaded to the MMI site as a group-related image, and displayed in a gallery.

To Upload an Image

  1. From your group's homepage, click "Create Image" in the box labeled with the Group Name.
  2. Complete the form. The Group is automatically filled out.
    NOTE: If you are updating an image, it is a good idea to select "Rebuild derivative images." This option will re-create any thumbnails and other associated image files.
  3. Submit your image for review

To View the Image Gallery

These images are automatically added to an image gallery for the associated group. To access the gallery:

  1. Access the group homepage using the numeric group identification (i.e. for the Guides Group).
  2. Append /gallery to the end of the URL.

Sample Image Gallery: