Categorizing Team Documents

As the work of a team progresses, the team will create a variety of pages. Some of these pages will contribute content for all visitors to the MMI site (reference pages, guidance documents, and so on). Other content will be primarily geared toward the work of the team (agendas, monthly reports, presentations, and the like).

Content for all site visitors

This type of content should be created and published using the standard MMI process. See Adding and Editing Content for more information.

Team content

Team content is added to the MMI website as a typical page, but the content is organized into the team area by selecting a filing category in the Group Content Filing System. It is also organized through the assignment of additional keywords.

To add team content:

  1. Login to the MMI site.
  2. Once you are logged in, you can add content using the standard MMI process, or the "Create" links available from the team's working area.
  3. In the "Submit Page" interface, you will see two important Categories menus, and a Groups block:
      • Group Content Filing System (located in the Categories section)
      • Keywords (located in the Categories section)
      • Groups (this is its own section, located above the MMI Doc Workflow section), containing an Audience selection box.
      1. Assign one or more keywords in all of these sections. Most importantly, you must assign your team as one of the Audience keywords, to make the content show up in your page.
      2. Once you have submitted the page with the appropriate keywords selected, the new content will appear in one or more of the Team Content areas (selected using the terms in the right hand side at the top of the team working area), in the location you specified with the Group Content Filing System.

      Group Categories

      The definitions for the Group Categories are given by an MMI vocabulary Group Content Filing System. (When you click on any of those terms at that link, you'll see all the site's content of that category; you have to use the terms within the Group navigation to see only the items for that particular group.)

      Tips and Tricks

      • Your content will be visible to everyone in your group, no matter what the Workflow selection. If you want it to appear to the public, you must check Visible to Members, Request Review to cause it to be reviewed for public release; or as the team lead, Visible to Everyone, Request Review. The default status is Visible to members, maintain as a draft.
      • One page can appear in multiple groups, as multiple types of documents. For example, a user can create a page and tag it as a document for the DIVE Team and Community News. This single page will be available in the "Documents" section of Team Content for both teams.
      • Within each team, there is an (uncategorized) link in the Team Documents. This content has been tagged with the appropriate Audience (team), but no keywords in the Group Content Filing System. These pages should be edited by team members, who assign appropriate Filing System keywords. This complete keyword assignment will result in the page appearing in the appropriate location. (If you have a lot of content to categorize, contact the site administrators, who can show you advanced tools for doing so.)