Working in Committees and Groups

MMI provides a collaborative environment for groups within the marine metadata community. These groups are organized around common interests, and work toward achieving established goals. Each team is led by a "Group Manager," who is an MMI Member. S/He will manage members, organize group content, and coordinate the activities of the group.

A list of active MMI groups is available from the Community: Committees and Groups link in the menu to the left. Links to each group's homepage is also available from the Committees and Groups page. The homepage of each group is customized by the manager, and it includes additional information about the group and its activities. If you are interested in participating in any of these groups, we recommend you explore the group page—take a look at the homepage, group documents, monthly reports and more. Feel free to subscribe to the group, or contact the manager.

Our new site enables customized work-spaces for these groups, including mailing-lists, presentations, and monthly reports. As we continue to transition to our new website, you will see additional functionality being used by the groups. This might include things like Discussion Forums, wikis, RSS feeds, and more...

My Teams

The "My Teams" link, which is available in the left hand side in a box titled with your username, provides links to the homepage of the group(s) in which you are subscribed.