URL Conventions - Deprecated

The following covers standard ways that we name URLs within the site
and includes a description of where the information to establish the
URLs comes from. It is organized by content type as each different type
has its own naming convention.


  • italics in conventions (seen below)
    • Italicized content indicates a piece of information that is variable, meaning that it will be different when actually used on the site
  • shortname
    • Every piece of content has a shortname
      that is established by the first person to put the information into the
      site. It is important that these not change as there will be people
      relying on that content's location.
  • tean_shortname
    • This is the short name for various teams on the site. For example, Tech Team has a team_shortname of tech.
  • username
    • This is the chosen username for the individual entering content on the MMI site. You choose this when you first sign up.
  • group_filing
    • The
      Group Content Filing System is used to organize content into specific
      categories (e.g. Documents, Presentations, Reports, etc) within the context of a team.
  • Naming conventions begin at the root of the site, so if you prefix http://mmi.whoi.edu to the convention, you end up with the entire, proper URL.


  • MMI Reference
    • Convention: /references/shortname
  • MMI Event
    • Convention: /events/shortname
  • Page
    • There are two cases when dealing with Pages:
      • 1. Pages associated with a group
        • Convention: /community/teams/team_shortname/group_filing/shortname
      • 2. Pages not associated with a group
        • Convention: /community/members/username/shortname

Who assigns a URL to content?

Currently URLs must be manually assigned using the naming conventions
from above. We realize this would be difficult to maintain given the
volume of content and content creators on the MMI site. We are
implementing a strategy for auto-assigning URLs to content, which is
detailed below in the section titled pathauto.

Instructions for assigning URLs to content

  1. When creating content, look toward the bottom of the page for a link titled "URL path settings"
  2. Deselect "Automatic alias" if it is selected
  3. Add your own path, making sure to follow the site conventions from above.

Automating URL assignment with pathauto

Pathauto is a method by which URLs can be assigned automatically by the
MMI site without user interaction. Pathauto relies on various pieces of
metadata associated with content you create, including the keywords you
select, the team content is associated with, or even your username. It
minimizes errors by taking these pieces of information and using them
to follow site conventions for assigning URLs. More information about
pathauto will appear in this book when it has been enabled on the site.