Adding Content

Drupal categorizes pages, or nodes, by content types to allow different kinds of pages to have different properties. For example, a start and end date are required fields for an event, but not for a description of a controlled vocabulary. Defined content types are also useful because they enable users to view certain types of pages together, like a listing of all the descriptions of controlled vocabularies on the site. The taxonomy behind content types makes content management very simple, but it requires that users supply information about the pages they add to the site.

The main content types in use on the MMI Drupal site are:

  • MMI References
    a description of a tool, project, organization, vocabulary or content standard
  • MMI Events
    an upcoming, public workshop, conference, course, or telecon
  • MMI Pages
    almost anything that's not an MMI Reference, an MMI Event, or part of a book (see below). These include "cover pages" for attachments, like PDFs or Word documents, or Powerpoint files.
  • Book Pages
    like books in print, in that they are arranged into chapters and can be outlined. A page in the MMI Guides or in the Site Help is a book page.

These are slightly modified versions of standard Drupal content types, so if you are familiar with Drupal they will look familiar to you. Even if the concepts are new to you, they are very easy to learn and work with.

Group Content

If you're a member of MMI, you may belong to one or more Organic Groups. If you are adding pages that are meant for use by one of your groups, you should proceed to the group area (Main Menu->Community->Committees and Groups) and select "Create MMI Page" from the team menu block. This block is normally on the right side of the page on groups pages, but may be re-located by the person who sets up your group area.

Metadata fields

Drupal uses a taxonomy to define the properties of each content type. It's important to know a little about this system in order to use it effectively. The different content types have different metadata fields. These fields may evolve as we continue to develop the site.


We plan to add a description of the fields required for MMI-events, -references, and -pages; and some text on the site's taxonomies.
Once you are ready, you can Preview or Submit your content. However, it won't be posted to the site until it is published.