How do I add an image to my content?

  1. Click the "File Attachments" link to expand the section
  2. Once expanded, click "Browse" to identiy the image to include
  3. Click "Attach" to submit the image
  4. The File Attachments section presents three options for attached files:
    • Delete: This can be used to remove an attachment from the page. The removal will take place only after you click "Submit" to save the page.
    • List: By default, the system will list all attached files near the bottom of the page. Each file name will be an active link to the attached document.
    • Private: In rare cases, the attachments can be tagged as "Private," which means they are available only to those individuals with access to the node.
      Note: If widely available content links to a "private" attachment, the attachment is no longer private.
  5. Once the desired file is attached, the system displays the URL of the attachment. This URL can be used to insert an image into the body of the content.