Why should I NOT delete content pages?

Our current policy is to not remove nodes. We have created a special "role" called the Trashman, and a special workflow state called "Quarantined". The Trashman will be responsible for reviewing nodes marked for deletion.

Most of the nodes (pages) on the Drupal site were ported from the Plone site, and one of our goals was to ensure that the old URLs would work on the new site. Therefore, we set up a table of redirects that point marinemetadata.org URLs to specific nodes, using node numbers.

When the server sends out the node to a browser, it also supplies a URL that's attached to the Drupal node. These URLs may not match, but the "correct" page will be displayed. Some of these pages may look like they should be deleted, specifically the ones that represent folder "default pages" or smart folders. We plan to go through these manually, though, and would prefer to keep them on the site for now.

If you find a node that is misleading, meaningless, or malformed, just mark it for deletion by setting MMI Doc Workflow state to "Quarantined" and the Trashman will review it and see that it's deleted.