What is the difference between a Page and a Book Page?

The MMI site makes use of both pages, and book pages to present content.
In general, books are developed by MMI groups, for a specific purpose.



Book Page


A stand-alone piece of content. The content is connected to other content only by keywords, or location on the MMI site. A piece of content that is connected to other book pages organized by "chapters". Book Pages are also connected to other content using keywords, but they are organized into a Table of Contents using a heirarchical system of "parent" and "child" pages.

URL Assignment

Manually generated using the URL parent entry points on the "Add Content" page, or automatically using system settings Automatically generated by appending the "shortname" to the end of the URL of the parent page


Uses standard MMI site navigation

Uses the Table of Contents on the left side of the page.

You will also see "children" pages at the bottom of each Book Page

How to create

Use the Add Content button on the MMI page Navigate to the "parent" Book Page, and click "Add Child," which is available beneath the book navigation.


Keywords for Tools is a stand-alone page MMI Guides are organized as a Book