Why should I become an MMI member?

Membership does have its privileges, including the ability to:

  • See content by other members, even if it is still under development,
  • Join groups and teams (or even start your own!),
  • Enjoy better features when you add content (see below),
  • Send email to teams and individuals on the site,
  • Receive notifications of significant changes to the site, including new features and major new content, and
  • Post comments on various pages.

Our content is provided by members of the community, and even anonymous members can add information. But we are careful to make sure content is carefully reviewed before it is widely visible. Therefore, you can do a lot more with the site once you are a member:

  • Create content that is immediately visible to other members,
  • Have access to the content you create,
  • Get credit on the site for the content you create, and
  • Request more advanced content creation and management capabilities.

In addition, some of the site's capabilities and resources depend on involvement in groups, and others depend on User Roles. For group membership and to be assigned useful roles, you need to be a member of the site.

And more benefits are coming, including posting to forums and subscription to topics of interest.