Style Guidelines for MMI References

The following style guidance applies to MMI reference pages.

  1. Follow styling guidelines that are on Guides style page.
  2. Make the summary description provide enough information for someone to decide whether to visit the page.
  3. Keep the summary short, just a sentence or two short sentences
  4. Present textual material in the "MMI voice" -- neutral and factual.
  5. Make the textual material brief, just summarizing the key points of interest about the reference.
  6. Avoid copying large parts of the reference's web site (too large, and not MMI-focused).
  7. Make the layout follow the template (see next section).
  8. Keep the HTML reasonably clean. (If you don't edit straight HTML, make sure your editor produces clean HTML.)
    • Use <h2> for main headers
    • Use <p> for paragraphs, not <br>
    • Keep list items inside of list tags, e.g., <ul>
    • Don't let all the content run together into single entry.
  9. Make sure URLs are correct.
  10. Link to related internal content using Related Item(s) field.

Template for MMI Reference Pages

The template is under development. Use the GHML page as a template until a new template is provided. Note in particular the terms for Stage of Maturity, and the way this has been entered.

When to Post Papers and Other Content

The goal of MMI is to make information accessible, to the extent permitted by law. All internally produced documents are posted on the MMI site; references may be created to point to those locations on the site.

External documents (including images) should not be reposted on the site, unless the following criteria are met:

  • The document is freely distributable, or explicit permission is granted and ownership is acknowledged;
  • The document is clearly better served on the MMI site than in its existing location (for example, the original site is being removed, or is often not accessible; or the format of the document is made more accessible with the reposting); and
  • There is provision for also maintaining any updates to the document on the MMI site.

This policy is intended to minimize the number of copies of documents maintained on the web, keep the MMI site as current as possible (as new versions of the document are released, no MMI action is required), and give credit and attention to the document's original context and providers.