Submitting Presentations, Posters, Reports, and More

MMI members frequently represent the marine metadata interoperability community at conferences, meetings, and events, using presentations, posters, videos, reports and more.  These documents provide a unique perspective into the work of MMI.  All members are welcome to submit their documents for inclusion in the dynamically generated "MMI in the Community" page.

Submitting Outreach Documents

To enable universal access to these documents, please submit the documents in PDF form.  In addition to the PDF, you are encouraged to submit the document in its native format (Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Zipped Keynote Presentation, Zipped Package).

To upload an outreach document

  1. Create a Page for the outreach document
  2. To ensure consistency, please use the following syntax
    • Title: Title of the Presentation, Poster, etc
    • Short Name: Using alpha-numeric characters (all lower-case), create a short-hand name for the presentation.  This will appear at the end of the URL (i.e. aboutmmi).
    • Short Description: Type of document (Poster, Presentation, etc) and Conference or Meeting Title
    • Group Content Filing System: If you are submitting this on behalf of an MMI team, use the filing system to select the type of document you are uploading.
      For descriptions of each type, see the Group Content Filing System Taxonomy.
    • URL Path: The system will automatically generate a URL, based on the Group Content Filing System, and the Audience.
      If you are not submitting this document on behalf of an MMI Team, please select the following: community > teams > presence > item specific term, such as presentation, poster, etc
    • Keywords: One or more of the following keywords must be applied:
      • Distributed Media > Presentation
      • Distributed Media > Poster
      • Distributed Media > Report
      • Distributed Media > Video/Movie/Animation
      • Distributed Media > Article

      Note: If this document was developed and presented by an MMI Member, please tag the document with MMI-Specific > MMI Generated. If it is about MMI, please tag the document also with MMI-Specific > MMI Project.
      To add multiple Keyword tags: select the desired keyword, and click "Add".  You can then repeat the process with multiple keywords. 

    • Body:
      • Citation / Citation Information: Either a formal citation, or information to be included in a citation (i.e. Title, Conference Name, Presenter/Author, Date, Location)
      • Abstract: Submitted abstract, or a short description of the documents
    • Groups: If this document was generated and presented on behalf of an MMI Team, please select the team in the Audience Section.

      Otherwise, you can leave this section unchanged.
    • Related Links: Include the following as related links (if available)
      • Event Entry on the MMI site
      • Conference Webpage
      • Audience / Organization Site
    • File Attachments: Attach the PDF first, then any native versions of the document
    • Set Presentation Date: Use the "Authored on" field in the Authoring Information section to identify the presentation date.
  3. Submit the page, and it will appear automatically on the "MMI in the Community" page!

Group Associations

If the outreach document is focused on group activities, then the documents should be tagged with the appropriate group, and filed in the Group Content Filing System. Outreach documents associated with a group will appear in both the group area, and "MMI in the Community".