Adding, Editing and Deleting Content

Content is added to the MMI site using a guided web-form, which collects information used to publish and organize site content. Once content is contributed to the site, it undergoes a review, and is then formally published.

Members are able to add and edit published content.
Guests are able to add content.

Adding Content

  1. Click the "Add Content to Site" link in the menu to the left.
  2. Identify the type of content to add. The three most common content types in use on the MMI site are:
    • MMI Reference: a description of a tool, project, organization, vocabulary etc.
    • MMI Opportunitiy: Opportunities for publication, grants, conferences, etc.
    • MMI Event: a workshop, conference or other event you would like to announce
    • Page: create a Page if the content isn’t a Reference or Event
  3. Complete the form. Some of the fields you see will depend on the content type you are adding. These fields tell the system how to categorize your new content so that it can be found along with related material. Those fields that are not self-explanatory have a brief description below the field itself.
    • All fields marked with a star (*) are required.
      For a detailed description of the entry fields, see "Adding / Editing Content Form - The Detailed Explanation."
    • Please be sure to select appropriate keywords for the content, as this will determine where the contribution will appear on the MMI site.
    • The MMI Doc Workflow section determines what will happen next to the content.
      • Visible only to me, maintain as a draft: These pages are considered "in process", and will not be made available to the general public on the MMI site. To access these pages, use either the assigned URL, or go to the "My Content" section of the "Recent Content" menu (available only after login).
      • Visible to members, request review: These pages are considered "finished", and ready for review and publication. Once published, these pages will be available only to users who are logged in, and are assigned access.
      • Visible to anyone, request review: These pages are considered "finished", and ready for review and publication. Once published, these pages will be available to everyone, regardless of user-role, and login status.
      • Quarantine: These pages contain invalid content, are no longer available to users on the site, and are marked for removal. The trashman will review this request, and sequester the content as appropriate.
  4. You can either click "Preview" to see what the page will look like, or "Submit" to officially complete the entry.

Editing Content

Depending on your User Role, you might have the functionality required to edit content. This added functionality will appear as an "Edit" tab at the top of the content. Once you click the Edit tab, you will see a form that is identical to the "Add Content" form.

Please do NOT change the shortname or URL assignments

Altering either the shortname, Parent URL or URL path setting may disrupt links.

To keep track of edits, please use the "Log Message" window in the edit window; explain briefly why you made the change to the page. Once you are ready, you can Preview or Submit your edited version. However, it will not be posted to the site until it is formally published.

Deleting Content

With the exception of the "Trashman", MMI members DO NOT delete published content. If you identify content that is no longer valid, you can mark "Quarantine" in the workflow

Marking the node as "Quarantine" means it will no longer be visible, and it will go in the queue for "Trashman" review. This review will involve checking links and exploring the ramifications of permanent content deletion. If the "Trashman" determines the content should be removed, s/he will process the deletion.