URL Conventions

URLs are automagically assigned to content that is added to the MMI site. These URLs are based on the type of content that is being added, taxonomic assignments, where the content is added, and who is adding the content. This URL assignment incorporates a systematic approach that is developed and maintained by project managers.

When adding content, users are asked to provide two major elements:

  • Short name
  • URL Path

The Short name is the unique URL assignment for this particular content. You can think of it as being similar to a file name without the extension. This set of alpha-numeric characters will follow the final "/" in the URL. For example, the shortname of this page is the following: urls

The URL Path displays the hierarchy of the content in the URL. Notice, the URL Path dropdown menu section of the content entry page is dynamic. As you select a hierarchy in the URL Path section, you are presented with the "sub categories" that are available. For example, the URL Path of this page is the following: help > content

The combination of URL Path and shortname generate the full URL of the content.
For example, the URL of this page is the following: http://marinemetadata.org/help/content/urls

URL Conventions

To manage the complexity of content on the site, the MMI team has established URL conventions. When adding content on the site, please be sure to follow the conventions listed below.

Type of Content

URL Convention

News news/short_name
Events events/short_name
Reference - this includes vocabularies, standards, tools, projects, references references/short_name
image images/short_name
Bibliography Entry biblio/short_name
Discussion Forums forum/forum_title/short_name
MMI Opportunities community/opportunities/shortname
Monthly Report (Specific Groups Only) community/teams/group_shortname/monreport/groupyyyymm
Meeting Agendas (Organized by Group) community/teams/group_shortname/agendas/short_name
Meeting Minutes (Organized by Group) community/teams/group_shortname/minutes/short_name
Group Documents community/teams/group_shortname/documents/short_name
Group Reports community/teams/group_shortname/reports/short_name
Group News community/teams/group_shortname/news/short_name
Guide guides/heirarchy_from_parent_page/short_name

To change the URL (alias) assignment

  1. Whenever possible, use the URL Path and shortname to control the URL assignment of the content. This will ensure that the page appears in the appropriate location on the MMI site.
    If, however, the URL cannot be correctly generated using these tools or requires a custom URL, you can adjust the URL assignment.
    NOTE: This is only to be done by content managers, and only in rare cases.
  2. Scroll down to the URL path settings (toward the bottom of the entry page)
  3. Expand the URL path settings section, so you can see a text entry box
  4. Be sure the "Automatic Alias" box is unchecked
  5. Enter the appropriate URL in the text box.
    NOTE: Please do not include a leading slash. Enter the url as listed above, but replace the italicized words with the appropriate terminology.
  6. Ask that the old URL be dealt with appropriately, using the radio buttons. Usually, this will mean converting the existing URL to a redirect ('Redirect from old alias').

A word of caution

URLs assigned using the "URL path settings" section on the content submission page will be removed when the content is modified and a new version is submitted. For the rare case where a URL is assigned using URL path settings, be sure the "Automatic Alias" button is deselected and the non-standard URL is entered the first time the page is submitted; after that, if an alias exists in the corresponding text box, it should not be overwritten.