User Roles

Privileges are assigned by giving users one or more roles on the site. Privileges are additive, so users maintain their privileges as they move up in user role status.
Here is a description of the roles that currently exist on the MMI site, more or less in ascending order:

anonymous user (guest)

  • this role defines the privileges that a non-logged-in user has on the MMI site
  • also referred to as ‘guest’

authenticated user (member)

  • if you are logged into the site you get this role plus any others assigned to you
  • also referred to as ‘member’


  • if you have this role you've been in the community for awhile, shown your technical savvy and good sense, and can now help out on various admin tasks
  • you are also trusted to make public documents without going through review


  • if you have this role you can move content to different states and edit a document submitted for review
  • you will normally scan materials marked for needing review and make them public as necessary or send them back to the author(s) for revision


  • if you have this role you can perform almost any action on a piece of content
  • monitors and has complete access to view/edit all content on site
  • administers certain modules that are key to content presentation


  • if you have this role you can adjust site functions on a site-wide basis, but may need content-manager role to perform some actions
  • administers most modules on the site and performs privilege operations on site.
  • functions that are denied to site-admin include content-type, workflow, and pathauto


  • you are helping in the transition of the website from Plone to Drupal and have access to a few key features that others do not. At present (3/28/2008) these include:
  • permissions to enter tickets into the ticket system
  • permission to login to the site if it is off-line
  • this role may go away once the transition is complete


  • if you have this role you have all privileges; this is analogous to a superuser on unix
  • makes structural changes to the site
  • all privileges except "outline posts in books". This privilege is blocked to avoid the creation of multi-type books.


  • the role that is able to delete from the site content that has been given the workflow state "pending-delete"