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Welcome to the MMI Site Help

MMI is comprised of members like you - people who do science, use technology, and work with metadata. We exist to share experiences (good and bad) and expertise. Whether you are new to MMI, or a seasoned member, we appreciate your contributions to our community.

(If you want information on helping us, see How you can help MMI.)

The MMI website is based on Drupal, letting members easily create working communities dedicated to developing consensus on metadata and other interoperability solutions. Controlled-vocabulary-driven menus, member-based content creation, and review and comment tools are facets of the website architecture.

In the pages that follow, you'll find materials designed to help you be a part of the community. Some of these pages may be a bit outdated, so check with the MMI leads before spending too much time working on a problem.

If you don't see the help you need, please let us know!