How to Use the Guides

The Marine Metadata Interoperability (MMI) Guides are organized into two parts: major topic areas (Introduction to Metadata, Metadata Standards, and Vocabularies) and supporting pages (Case Studies, Additional Resources, and Glossaries of Terms and Acronyms). Each web page is considered to be one guide.

Within each topic area, the top-level guides are the most introductory and assume little previous knowledge. The lower-level guides in each section are more detailed and assume more advanced knowledge.

The Introduction to Metadata guide contains overviews of many topics and is a good starting place for researchers new to the world of metadata. More advanced users may find the Table of Contents easier to quickly access information on particular topics. 


Within the guides, terms in the glossary are highlighted on each page the first time they appear. Move your cursor over a highlighted word to see the definition in a pop-up box. Click on the word to go to the glossary page, which contains the definition as well as a link to any related pages in the guides for more detailed information about the topic.

Other Tools and Navigation

  • The right side of each page contains a list of glossary terms that are used in the article along with relevant links.
  • The bottom of the page contains the suggested citation format for each guide and a feedback link for submitting questions and suggestions.
  • The left side of each page contains the main navigation tools for the MMI site as well as the table of contents for the MMI Guides.

Citing the MMI Guides


  • To cite an individual guide, follow the citation example found on that guide page. 
  • To cite the MMI Guides as a whole:  Stocks, K.I., Neiswender, C., Isenor, A.W., Graybeal, J., Galbraith, N., Montgomery, E.T., Alexander, P., Watson, S., Bermudez, L., Gale, A., Hogrefe, K., 2010. The MMI Guides: Navigating the World of Marine Metadata, accessed [date, e.g., July 21, 2010],

Suggested Citation

Neiswender, C. 2018. "How to Use the Guides." In The MMI Guides: Navigating the World of Marine Metadata. Accessed March 2, 2021.