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Welcome to the MMI Guides

The Marine Metadata Interoperability (MMI) Guides are intended to

  • help researchers and data managers learn about metadata;
  • encourage best practices in metadata development, interoperation, and distribution;
  • foster community involvement in this process; and
  • facilitate technical understanding of the role and importance of marine metadata.

Experienced scientists, technologists, and publishers have distilled the more complex aspects of marine metadata into these documents.

To start, read How to Use the Guides on getting the most out of the material and how to cite the guides.

If you need additional information, or if you'd like to contribute your experiences with marine metadata, contact us by e-mail.

- MMI Guides Editorial Group

Citing the Guides

To cite an individual guide, please follow the citation example found on that guide page.  To cite the MMI Guides as a whole, please use:  Stocks, K.I., Neiswender, C., Isenor, A.W., Graybeal, J., Galbraith, N., Montgomery, E.T., Alexander, P., Watson, S., Bermudez, L., Gale, A., Hogrefe, K.,  2010, accessed [date, e.g. June 13, 2010]. The MMI Guides: Navigating the World of Marine Metadata