ESIP Federation Funds ORR Grant

The ESIP Federation has awarded MMI's John Graybeal a grant to deploy the MMI Ontology Registry and Repository, ORR, as an ESIP testbed application. The grant was awarded this summer, and the work is expected to be completed by the end of 2015.

The new ORR instance will be deployed on ESIP's AWS cloud, and will be called the ESIP Community Ontology Repository. It provides a new resource for the Earth science community, and is not expected to move or duplicate any of the existing ORR semantic assets.

The ESIP Federation saw an opportunity to re-purpose the ORR software as a learning and evaluation tool for the ESIP community. By deploying the ORR as an ESIP-focused service, it will be available to a wide earth science community, and can provide different services that could be considered alongside the existing ESIP Semantic Repository.

The development for the new grant will be managed entirely on ESIP's GitHub site, under the COR repository. The ESIP COR wiki contains additional information, and the progress can be tracked using the COR GitHub issues.