exercisegoals - MBARI Standard Naming Exercise

Goals for the MBARI Standard Name Exercise.

Standard Naming Exercise

Exercise goals


  • List the 'core naming metadata' most useful for variable names.

    • Evaluate and improve the core naming metadata using existing data sets.

    • Define the core naming metadata elements so that people not in our group can understand them.

    • Find existing "best practices" (tools, standards, ontologies) for providing core naming metadata.

  • Establish a common vocabulary to talk about descriptive metadata.

  • Identify other (auxiliary) descriptive metadata that is useful for variables (elements you wouldn't want in most variable names).

  • Find the best way to simultaneously meet user and data management goals for variable names. (Users want one name. Data managers want easily managed = discrete metadata elements.)

    • Crosswalk tools (variable name <=> core naming metadata <=> standard metadata conventions)

    • Data entry tools

* Make it so we don't have to have more meetings on this subject.

The astute reader will note that this list does not include "Create a standard list of variable names to use across MBARI." Such a goal may be possible and wise.

On the other hand, the above goals, in and of themselves, may be sufficient to provide good, custom solutions for each user community. The group hasn't come to a consensus either way

Due to the group's iterative approach, these goals are subject to discussion and change.

List of potentialgoals (for reference)

Visit the potentialgoals page for details.

  • 1. Group Similar Measurements

  • 2. Search

  • 3. Differentiate Data

  • 4. Label Data

  • 5. Automate Processing

  • 6. Infer Metadata

  • 7. Manage Units