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A vocabulary is a set of terms (words, codes, etc.) that are used in a specific community. Vocabularies provide a mechanism for communication- be it written, oral or electronic- because the meaning of the terms are known and agreed upon by the community members. Read more on vocabularies…

MMI provides references to vocabularies that it is aware of, including a description, link to the vocabulary, and an informal characterization of its maturity, in some cases. If you would like to see a reference added, please contact us or sign up for an MMI account and add it yourself. You may also search all references.

Titlesort iconDescriptionReference TypeReference Topics
ACT Sensors ListList of sensors developed by the Alliance for Coastal Technologies
Alexandria Digital Library (ADL) GazetteerGazetteer services provided by Alexandria Digital Library from Map and Imagery Lab, Davidson Library, University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB).
Argo Instrument ListInstrument code list from Argo
Argo Parameters and quality control code listsList of parameter and quality control codes from Argo
Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG): Vocabularies and OntologiesCollection of vocabularies and ontologies from TDWG for biodiversity
BODC (British Oceanographic Data Centre) UnitsThe BODC units table, consisting of all the units codes used in BODC parameter lists.
BODC Instruments ListList of instruments used by the British Oceanographic Data Centre
BOG CTD Bottle Data Field NamesMBARI's Biological Ocean Group (BOG) CTD Bottle Data Field Names
BOG CTD Profiling Data Field NamesMBARI's Biological Ocean Group (BOG) CTD Profiling Data Field Names
British Oceanographic Data Centre Parameter Discovery VocabularyThe BODC Parameter Dictionary has been completely overhauled during 2004 and now consists of an integrated data markup and parameter discovery vocabularies.
British Oceanographic Data Centre Parameter Usage VocabularyThe BODC Parameter Usage Vocabulary may be used as a tool to label a measurement with information on what it is and how it was obtained or to describe parameters (phenomena in GML terminology) in 'use' metadata.
BUFR ParametersWorld Meteorological Organization's Binary Universal Form for the Representation of meteorological data (BUFR) parameter codes.
CDI Sea Search Sensor and Platform VocabulariesCommon Data Index vocabularies lists for the Sea-Search program. Vocabularies for platforms and sensors are included.
CF - Climate and Forecast Standard NamesVocabulary for climate and forecast parameters
CMECS Habitat Classification SystemCoastal and Marine Ecological Classification Standard system describing the habitats of the estuaries, coasts and oceans of North America.
CoRIS Glossary of TermsNOAA's Coral Reef Information System (CoRIS) glossary of coral reef-related terms
CUAHSI Parameter Names VocabularyA comprehensive parameters vocabulary for hydrologic science
DAML Ontology LibraryA collection of ontologies hosted by DAML web site
EPIC (NOAA, PMEL) UnitsExample of units used in operational system (units are encoded in variable key, used in netCDF entries).
ESA SensorML DictionariesSet of dictionaries with ESA concepts for SensorML
EUNIS Habitat Classification SystemThe European Nature Information System (EUNIS) habitat classification system covers all types of natural and artificial habitats, both aquatic and terrestrial, in Europe.
eXtensible Address LanguageThis is an XML standard for addresses.
Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center - Interpolated Sea Level Pressure
GCMD Data Center KeywordsGlobal Change Master Directory Data Center keywords, contains short names (3 to 30 character acronyms separated by forward-slashes) and long names with locations.
GCMD Location KeywordsGlobal Change Master Directory hierarchical list of Location Keywords
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