Ontologies and Thesauri References

An ontology is a representation of knowledge, generally of a particular domain, written with a standardized, structured syntax that describes the relationship between concepts, also called resources, that serve to characterize the domain. Read more on ontologies…

Thesauri are similar to ontologies in that they can describe hierarchical and associative relationships between terms. However, they are generally used to facilitate indexing and retrieval of written and recorded items. Read more on thesauri…

MMI provides references to ontologies and thesauri that it is aware of, including a description, link to the ontology or thesaurus, and an informal characterization of its maturity, in some cases. If you would like to see a reference added, please contact us or sign up for an MMI account and add it yourself. You may also search all references.

Titlesort iconDescriptionReference TypeReference Topics
A Universal Ontology for Sensor Networks DataA prototype ontology using IEEE SUMO
AGU Index TermsThesaurus for indexing AGU journal articles and meeting abstracts, covering earth science concepts
All Ontologies hosted at MMIList of all the ontologies hosted at (and/or referenced by) MMI
Animal Behavior OntologyOntology describing animal behavior.
Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA)Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA) is a paid service providing references to international literative covering marine environments.
Autonomous Mission Operations for Sensor Webs OntologyAn ontology being developed for software agents operating a Sensor Web
Biodiversity Resource Information OntologyAn ontology describing resources important in biodiversity information management.
BODC Parameter Ontology ProjectThe British Oceanographic Data Centre is creating an ontology to link the BODC Parameter Discovery Vocabulary, the CF Standard Names and the GCMD Science Keywords
CIMA OntologyCIMA, the Common Instrument Middleware Architecture, is developing ontologies for an instrument services architecture.
DOLCE ROCKS: Integrating Foundational and Geoscience OntologiesIntegrating DOLCE foundational ontology with concepts from two geoscience knowledge representations, GeoSciML and SWEET.
Earth System Grid OntologyPrimarily developed for adding metadata to datasets found in the Earth System Grid (ESG) portal.
Ecological Concepts OntologyOntology describing concepts in ecology.
Environment OntologyOntology on environmental features and habitats.
GCMD Platform KeywordsThe Global Change Master Directory (GMCD) list of platform keywords, mainly satellites.
GCMD Sensors VocabularyThe GCMD list of sensor types (described as a list of sensor keywords).
Hydrology Units OntologyUnits for hydrology domain in an OWL ontology.
Invasive Species ThesaurusInvasive species management thesaurus.
ITSC OntologiesITSC is building ontologies for specialized domains and software tools.
MMI Device Ontology: A Community Development ProjectMMI is coordinating a community project to develop an ontology of oceanographic sensors and devices.
MMI Platforms OntologyMMI project to develop a sensor and platform ontology.
MMI Workshop Sensors OntologyThis is the sensors ontology developed at the 2005 MMI vocabulary mapping workshop
OBO: Open Biological OntologiesAn umbrella web address for well-structured controlled vocabularies for shared use across different biological domains.
OBOE: Extensible Observation OntologyAn ontology for ecological observational data.
Observations and MeasurementsOpenGIS Observations and Measurements Encoding Standard
Ontologies for Volcanoes, Plate Tectonics and Atmospheric Science Data IntegrationGenerated volcano and plate tectonic ontologies and leveraged and augmented the existing SWEET (Semantic Web for Earth and Environmental Terminology) ontology
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