Vocabularies & Standards References

MMI provides a set of references to various standards, vocabularies, ontologies, thesauri, services, and formats that are of particular interest to the marine science community or those working on interoperability. MMI has evaluated many of the listed references and provides a description, an informal characterization of its maturity, in some cases, and link to a primary resource where available. If you would like to see a reference added, please contact us or sign up for an MMI account and add it yourself. You may also search all references.

MMI has categorized its references in the following sets: Vocabularies, Ontologies and Thesauri, Content Standards, and Services, Protocols and Formats.

Titlesort iconDescriptionReference TypeReference Topics
A Universal Ontology for Sensor Networks DataA prototype ontology using IEEE SUMO
ABCD: Access to Biological Data CollectionsA data and metadata specification for the exchange of biological collections and observations data
ACT Sensors ListList of sensors developed by the Alliance for Coastal Technologies
Agency PortalsAgency portals which enable discovery and download of marine geoscience metadata and data.
AGU Index TermsThesaurus for indexing AGU journal articles and meeting abstracts, covering earth science concepts
Alexandria Digital Library (ADL) GazetteerGazetteer services provided by Alexandria Digital Library from Map and Imagery Lab, Davidson Library, University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB).
All Ontologies hosted at MMIList of all the ontologies hosted at (and/or referenced by) MMI
All References at MMIAll MMI metadata references
Animal Behavior OntologyOntology describing animal behavior.
Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA)Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA) is a paid service providing references to international literative covering marine environments.
Arctic Observing Network Data QuestionnaireSummary results of the AON data questionnaire (link to details provided).
Argo Instrument ListInstrument code list from Argo
Argo Parameters and quality control code listsList of parameter and quality control codes from Argo
Autonomous Mission Operations for Sensor Webs OntologyAn ontology being developed for software agents operating a Sensor Web
Auxiliary Description of InstrumentsThis is a project under development in GCMD to allow instrument metadata in GCMD data submissions that use the Directory Interchange Format.
AxisAxis is an open-source implementation of SOAP; part of the Apache Web Services project.
BIDMBasic Interoperability Data Model (BIDM) is a IEEE standard (1420.1) for interoperable software cataloging on the Internet; it defines the minimal set of information about assets that reuse libraries should be able to exchange to support interoperability.
Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG): Vocabularies and OntologiesCollection of vocabularies and ontologies from TDWG for biodiversity
Biodiversity Resource Information OntologyAn ontology describing resources important in biodiversity information management.
Biological Data Profile for the Content Standard for Digital Geospatial MetadataThis is an official profile of the FGDC's Content Standard for Geospatial Metadata for biological data. It is used by the US National Biological Information Infrastructure.
BODC (British Oceanographic Data Centre) UnitsThe BODC units table, consisting of all the units codes used in BODC parameter lists.
BODC Instruments ListList of instruments used by the British Oceanographic Data Centre
BODC Parameter Ontology ProjectThe British Oceanographic Data Centre is creating an ontology to link the BODC Parameter Discovery Vocabulary, the CF Standard Names and the GCMD Science Keywords
BOG CTD Bottle Data Field NamesMBARI's Biological Ocean Group (BOG) CTD Bottle Data Field Names
BOG CTD Profiling Data Field NamesMBARI's Biological Ocean Group (BOG) CTD Profiling Data Field Names
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