MMI Site 2019 (!) — We're Back!

What happened with the MMI site?

The MMI site went down over 2 years ago when hackers broke into the aging Drupal 5 system, and a combination of funding and time issues prevented it from being restored. My humble apologies to all of you who were inconvenienced by its absence. The site has been restored, and should be here for a good long while.

With the help of many members of the community, particularly Janet Fredericks and the X-DOMES project who funded the upgrade to Drupal 7, the site is back online. Extra thanks also to Mauricio Mendez of Wired Moon (recommended!), and Nonong Gayanilo and Phil Hale of the TAMU-Corpus Christi's Harte Research Institute (HRI), each of whom provided assistance above and beyond the call of duty.

The MMI sites (this one, and the ORR Semantic Repository) are on-line thanks to the hosting support contributed by TAMU-Corpus Christi's Harte Research Institute (HRI). The sites are supported by MMI volunteers from organizations including MBARI and TAMU-Corpus Christi. We continue to offer professional guidance for vocabulary creation and maintenancecommunity vocabularies in our semantic repository, and comprehensive references, among many other assets.

We're in the future

Where to now for MMI? A lot has happened since our last post in 2015, and I will be offering a few updates soon.

We know MMI and its services are admired, valued, and used by the oceanographic community. Many groups still leverage MMI's semantic services, and the user base for those services is increasing thanks to a number of improvements (thanks again to X-DOMES, TAMU-CC, and to Technical Lead Carlos Rueda of MBARI). We are way past the ESIP Federation grant to deploy an MMI ORR instance on the cloud, with the ESIP Communication Ontology Repository up and running. More about that later!

MMI welcomes interest from anyone who wants to promote its future. The organization will provide a well-known community foundation and presence for its members to move related projects forward. If you are interested, even if you are looking for proposal ideas, please contact MMI's Project Lead. We can help!

John Graybeal (Project Lead)