Workshop Templates

Thank you for your interest in Workshop Templates from MMI

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Using these templates, you can host your own workshop any time, any place.
Workshop templates are available for complimentary download to members of the Workshop Template Group.
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Instructions for Download

  1. Click the Download Link to obtain the complete "Template for a Vocabulary Mapping Workshop" contents.

    Link coming soon!
  2. When prompted, save the file packet to your computer.
  3. The downloaded packet will include the complete contents of the template as individual html files. Using a standard HTML editor, you can customize these pages for your workshop.
  4. Once the template is ready for publication, you can publish these html pages on the website of your choice.

Your Workshop on the MMI Site

You are welcome to advertise your vocabulary mapping workshop on the MMI site, and even host the work on the site!

To announce your vocabulary mapping meeting—or any other metadata event—click "Add Content to Site", and select "Add Event".

Please contact us to get help in planning your workshop or hosting it on the MMI site, and of course to let us know you will be hosting a workshop.

Share Your Experience

We would like to hear about your workshop! What aspects of your workshop were successful? How will you do things differently next time? What can MMI do to facilitate your workshop?

Please let us know, by adding a group page, and tagging it with "News" in the Group Content Filing System!