MMI Workshop 2008

This is the area for planning and wrapping up the 2008 vocabulary workshop series for MMI: Ocean Observing Systems Semantic Interoperability Workshop Series.

  • Meeting 1: OOS Interoperability Planning Workshop (OOSIP)
  • Meeting 2: OOS Semantic Interoperability! (OOS SI!)

The first meeting was held August 26 to 28, 2008. It focused on introducing necessary concepts to key participants from the community, and laying out a schedule to complete necessary work in time for the second workshop. The second meeting was held November 17-20, in Boulder, Colorado. This was originally planned as a larger meeting, with additional teams represented and a much more complete infrastructure and set of applications. This team executed the planning for the two workshops and their reporting. Public material are presented at

Images from the first meeting in Huntsville, Alabama, can be viewed at