MMI Workshop 2008

This is the area for planning and wrapping up the 2008 vocabulary workshop series for MMI: Ocean Observing Systems Semantic Interoperability Workshop Series.
  • Meeting 1: OOS Interoperability Planning Workshop (OOSIP)
  • Meeting 2: OOS Semantic Interoperability! (OOS SI!)

The first meeting was held August 26 to 28, 2008. It focused on introducing necessary concepts to key participants from the community, and laying out a schedule to complete necessary work in time for the second workshop. The second meeting was held November 17-20, in Boulder, Colorado. This was originally planned as a larger meeting, with additional teams represented and a much more complete infrastructure and set of applications. This team executed the planning for the two workshops and their reporting. Public material are presented at

Images from the first meeting in Huntsville, Alabama, can be viewed at

Group News and Highlights

OOSSI Follow-on

Here's what's up with OOSSI:

1) We will submit to EOS this week a meeting report for the semantic interoperability workshops. We are aiming for 300 to 500 words, summarizing the workshop results; not sure if they'll publish it though.

2) To EOS, we will propose to submit an overview on Applying Ontologies to Earth Science, which would be targeted at scientists and their data technologists. (Possibly this article can run side-by-side with the Semantic Interoperability workshop report submitted separately.)   This is proposed as part of the eGY Spotlight series.  We suggest approximately 1200 words to cover this breadth.

OOSSI Registration Open

The workshop registrations at RegOnline have been opened for the 2008 Ocean Observing Systems Semantic Interoperability! workshop. (Note: This workshop has been completed, this page is kept for archival purposes only.)

All interested attendees may register at the workshop's RegOnline site

Registration will be limited to 60 people. 

Registration open for Semantic Interoperability workshop!

Simple Semantic Framework Ontologies—Tools—Web Services: Alone, each is powerful. Combined in a system, they can form a comprehensive Semantic Framework. MMI, in collaboration with our partners, has developed a set of tools into a user-friendly system for data providers and users. This Semantic Interoperability workshop is your opportunity to learn from our efforts.

MMI Planning Meeting Held

We held a successful MMI planning meeting: August 25, 2008, in Huntsville, Alabama.  A priorities list resulting from the meeting can be found at . For more information, contact John Graybeal.

Meeting Participant Lists

Stephanie has put together a draft of the Participants Lists for the 2 meetings in August. I've updated it using material from Janet Fredericks' spreadsheet. This page should be religiously updated as new information is received.