Web Team

The MMI Mission is: "Promoting the exchange, integration and use of marine data through enhanced data publishing, discovery, documentation and accessibility."  The all new MMI Web Team will be taking on editorial, functionality, and content-related tasks to assist with ongoing operations of the web site. 

The main goal of the team is to make sure the site serves the needs of the MMI community.  We will provide feedback to the technical leads on whether new functionality is needed, help evaluate contributed content, look for any problems with workflow,  and generally make sure the MMI web site continues to work as the "go to place" for people working with marine science data.

Please feel free to volunteer  - no technical expertise is needed although familiarity with the project is most welcome!

Group News and Highlights

marinemetadata.org Release 1.3

There weren't too many things updated in this release, but is a major milestone as we're now back on track with fixes and updates in the Drupal core, and updating in the future will be relatively painless.