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Group News and Highlights

X-DOMES EarthCube Grant includes funding for ORR

The 2-year NSF collaborative proposal titled “EarthCube IA: Collaborative Proposal: Cross-Domain Observational Metadata Environmental Sensing Network (X-DOMES)” has been funded by NSF's EarthCube project. The researchers in this project are researching new and evolving methods to observe properties and to process the collected observations. This is a pilot project seeking to target large-NSF funded data programs and associated sensor manufacturers to implement proven technologies in the capture of sensor metadata.  MBARI's Carlos Rueda is participating in the project to provide support for, and changes to, the MMI Ontology Registry and Repository.

Marine Metadata project transitions from Google Code

Today, Google reported that they are cancelling the Google Code project hosting repository. This brings no worries for MMI; we recently migrated from Google Code to our GitHub repository, thanks to our sharp Technical Lead. And Google put some effort into fixing a bug we reported, so we can still access our old repositories on Google Code if needed.

Given the news, this seems like a good opportunity to consider what makes sites last in the Internet era. Every now and then we at MMI hear someone say "the MMI project is ending." This is always surprising (and vexing) for us to hear, as MMI remains the largest collection of metadata resources in the earth science community, with active operational support by TAMU-Corpus Christi, technical and project leadership, and members of its international Steering Committee. What lets MMI remain active and respected, despite periods of limited funding, while projects like Google Code are retired? 

Revised NSF Ocean Sciences Data and Sample Policy Released

The Division of Ocean Sciences released a new Data and Sample Policy on May 24, 2011. This document describes the requirements for contributing data and samples to national data centers. In general, it requires that primary data collected under NSF/OCE funded projects be submitted to the appropriate data center within 2 years of collection.

MMI Blogs, MMI Tweets

The latest place you can find MMI is on Twitter! WIth the member name of marinemetadata, MMI is ready to tweet and be tweeted at.  If you are already a Tweeter on Twitter, you can send your Tweets to us with @marinemetadata, and if you aren't, you can still watch the fun (just beginning!) at

We look forward to hearing your news, ideas, and comments over this network. Please use it to tell the community about marine metadata news of interest to them!

“Planetary Skin” Tool Aims to Improve Response to Climate Change

NASA, Cisco collaborate to integrate climate data, Web technology. The Planetary Skin platform will capture, collect, analyze and report data on environmental conditions around the world.

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