Technical Advisory Panel

MMI has a Technical Advisory Panel consisting of leading technical members of the marine science data management, environmental science data management, and semantic interoperability communities.

The Technical Advisory Panel reviews MMI products, services, and directions to ensure maximum collaborative effect is achieved. This team is asked to identify opportunities for collaboration with other marine data management efforts, to provide MMI with information about those activities, and to identify issues with MMI's activities and direction.

Individual members of the Technical Advisory Panel may also be asked to provide guidance to MMI on specific ongoing projects, to ensure their functionality and relevance to the larger community.

Individual members of this team may be invited to sit on Steering Committee or other meetings on an occasional basis, but the intent of the team is to have focused technical discussions, comments, and reviews on specific directions of the work.

The Technical Advisory Panel is intended to ensure that our technical approaches and vision are sensible and compatible with community directions. It also provides a forum for members to exchange ideas about technical directions and products.

This panel may be asked to participate remotely, via email and/or telecons, a few times per year, advising on MMI directions and projects. Such sessions would involve at most an hour or two of preparation, and two to four hours of interaction. Members will receive updates every month describing MMI activities and directions, and will be encouraged to comment fully on those reports.