Technical Teams

The MMI Technical Team includes all the MMI members actively supporting the project. These individual have the direct connection to implementations and services provided by the project.

The technical teams of the Marine Metadata Interoperability project include the following:

  • Guides Team: Led by UCSD and responsible for the content of the guides in the MMI Website.
  • Web Design Team: Led by WHOI and responsible for improvements to the Web site.
  • OOSTethys Team: Led by MBARI and SURA, and responsible for the end-to-end interoperable marine systems demonstration.
  • Workshops Team: Led by TAMU and responsible for overall planning and oversight of the MMI workshops.
  • Ontology Team: Led by MBARI and responsible for the ontology developement as well as, related services and tools.

The technical team principals meet via telecon on the first Tuesday of each month. Each team presents a brief report. Strategies for integration, cooperation, and collaboration are discussed, as is the overall direction of the work. The technical team publishes all its agendas and minutes, as well as a Monthly Technical Report.

Many of the Tech Team members are compensated for their time, but all put in time beyond any compensation MMI offers. You are welcome to join the Tech Team and help make MMI an effective force for collaborative metadata approaches!

Group News and Highlights

MMI Planning Meeting Held

We held a successful MMI planning meeting: August 25, 2008, in Huntsville, Alabama.  A priorities list resulting from the meeting can be found at . For more information, contact John Graybeal.