Steering Committee

The MMI Steering Committee guides the work of the project. Its role is described explicitly in the MMI Terms of Reference, and is summarized here. The roles of the Steering Committee include:

  • providing overall guidance to the project
  • reviewing the status of the project (e.g.., by receiving monthly updates from the technical team)
  • serving on the Technical Team, as appropriate (see below)
  • recommending future directions for the project
  • responding to information requests (e.g., providing or finding information about other metadata initiatives)
  • serving as liaisons to the broader community.

The Steering Committee meets every other month or as scheduled, typically via telecon. Steering Committee decisions are generally by consensus, after discussion. Discussions of the Executive and Steering Committees will be documented in minutes, which are to be made publicly viewable once approved. The Steering Committee must approve: changes to Steering Committee, Executive Committtee, Science Advisory Panel, and Technical Advisory Team membership, and policies applying to MMI membership. Steering Committee members are expected to provide timely responses to requests initiated by the Project Lead or his or her designee(s). Lack of a timely response shall be construed as acceptance of the decisions taken by the rest of the Steering Committee.

These pages (on the Steering Committee group of the MMI site) document the activities of the Steering Committee.

Group News and Highlights

Steering Committee Membership: A 3-Year Thing

The MMI Steering Committee has agreed to begin rotating on a 3-year cycle, with re-appointments possible in the case of special needs or value. Members of the Executive Committee—those Steering Committee members who have received MMI grants—serve for the duration of their grant. Thereafter, they may serve for an additional 1, 2, or 3 years, as circumstances dictate. The implementation of this arrangement has been delayed while other activities have taken priority, but will occur soon. The normal cycle for Steering Committee changes will be July 1 of each year.

MMI Planning Meeting Held

We held a successful MMI planning meeting: August 25, 2008, in Huntsville, Alabama.  A priorities list resulting from the meeting can be found at . For more information, contact John Graybeal.