Resource Selection

The Resource Selection team has been established, to create meaningful criteria for characterization and evaluation of resources, including standards and vocabularies.


A quick search on Metadata Standards reveals thousands of web hits. Some of these represent real standards that are important for marine metadata interoperability. Unfortunately, some do not. How is a metadata manager to evaluate these standards, and decide upon standards suitable for implementation?


Yesha Y. Sivan's "Knowledge Age Standards: A brief introduction to their dimensions" presents a systematic way to evaluate standards. This publication provides a five-dimension approach to selecting standards. With initial development based on Sivan's Dimensional Approach and its adaptation by Ted Habermann of NOAA, the group has also been motivated by the need to characterize the resources that are referenced by the MMI site. How can a user decide which resources deserve more investigation, and how can the site reflect this information in an unbiased and objective way?

Current Work 

The systematic approach to selecting standards, once fully developed, can be extended to support the evaluation of a variety of resources, including vocabularies, and tools.

The team is currently working on the following objectives:

  1. Modularized, web-based tool to be used in selecting a standard
  2. Documentation about how to use the tool, and why it works
  3. Extension of the tool, to support the selection of vocabularies and tools