Metadata with MMI: Opening the Door for Collaboration

Presentation and Paper submitted to the IEEE Data Interoperability Workshop, Italy

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Title: The Marine Metadata Interoperability Project: Leading to Collaboration
Authors: John Graybeal, Luis Bermudez, Philip Bogden, Steven Miller, Stephanie Watson
Conference Information: Second International IEEE Symposium: Global Data Interoperability - Challenges and Technologies
Presentation Date: 2005.06.20
Publication Date: 2005.04.15
Location: Sardinia, Italy


The Marine Metadata Interoperability Project is halfway through its first year of marine metadata and community development. In that time it has established Steering and Technical Committees, developed a collaborative web site with many hundreds of references and an active membership, and initiated a domain vocabulary mapping project and demonstration development effort. We describe the project’s international collaboration and results to date, and suggest that metadata is an admirable starting point for collaborations between other science projects. 

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