Marine Interoperability Efforts and Standards: What's Missing?


Graybeal, J, Neiswender, C, Wright, DJ, Bermudez, LE (2007) Marine Interoperability Efforts and Standards: What's Missing, Eos Trans. AGU, 88 (52), Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract IN44A-05 INVITED


A review of the world of interoperable data systems for earth science shows progress on many fronts. How close is real, practical, and pervasive interoperability? Which aspects are going well, which are muddling along, and which are lagging? This talk will visit current work on marine data systems, and the parts of interoperability that are, and are not, addressed. We will consider the standards, resources, and services that aid data and metadata exchange for data files and data streams, and characterize their role in an overall interoperable framework. From this baseline, immediate needs will be assessed, and some attempt to predict future directions will be made.