OOSTethys Team

Web site: http://www.oostethys.org

On going process about this project is documented in the monthly reports.

Team Members

  • Philip Bogden, GoMOOS & SURA
  • Eric Bridger, GoMOOS
  • Riley Young Morse, GoMOOS
  • David Forrest, VIMS
  • Gerald Creager, Texas A&M
  • John Graybeal, MBARI
  • Jeremy Cothran, SEACOOS
  • Helen Conover, UAH
  • Bruce Beaumont, UAH
  • Tony Cook, UAH
  • Donna Cote, Texas A&M
  • Luis Bermudez, MBARI
  • Bill Howe, CMOP
  • Manyil Maskey, UAH
  • Tom Gale, GoMOOS

OOSTethys in a nutshell

OOSTethys is a provider-to-user data systems framework, using interoperable standards, enabling discovery and use of data. OOSTethys will allow to:

  • Deliver ocean observations to a range of consumers, utilizing a common standard specification.
  • Establish a robust data exchange that is not bound to any tool and adheres with the best practices of geospatial communities.


Current leveraging the work from the following standards working groups:

  • Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) effort from the Open Geospatial Consortium (). OOSTethys allows a data provider to setup an OGC Sensor Observation Service (SOS) with minimal effort. An SOS is a web service that allows observation systems to publish their service capabilities, the metadata of their sensors and platforms and their data. OOSTethys provides cookbooks in Perl, Python and JAVA supporting the latest OGC Schemas.
  • Semantic Web effort from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). We use semantic mediation services to provide semantic interoperability among the data providers and discovery controlled vocabularies from web portals and registries.