Ontology for Platforms

In August 2005 the Marine Metadata Initiative (MMI) held a workshop to coordinate the mapping of science domain vocabularies. The sensor team at the workshop identified that there was not an existing comprehensive ontology for sensors used by the marine science community, and began working on such an effort by starting with science observing platforms.

The initial efforts unfolded as described on the original home page. A team of six to eight members met regularly for several months, organizing an ontology according to the environment in which each platform type could be deployed.

The result was presented at several meetings and conferences, and informed the data management projects of many of the participants. Nonetheless, it never reached a mature state, although it remains the most sophisticated ontology that we know of in that domain.

Recently, for application in OOSTethys and other projects, we have started refining the ontology anew. We will circulate and discuss the product among the members of this team, and be pleased to accept comments from the community at any time.