Use Cases

The use cases themselves are maintained in the SourceForge SVN repository. Links to browse each use case are provided below.

Note (2008-09-30): A verbatim copy of the use cases in the original SVN repository at was tagged usecases-mmisw21 in SourceForge, meaning they were taken from the latest revision 21 in The current versions are located here.

Use Case 1: Discover and plot data from common sensor types

Use Case 1

Use Case 2: Classify devices according to functionality.

Use Case 2

Use Case 3: Find out devices that can be deployed from given platform.

Use Case 3

Use Case 4: Find devices that can produce certain output variables

Use Case 4

Use Case 5: Find devices associated with certain real-world properties.

Use Case 5

Use Case 6: Find devices that can supply the needed data in the needed format.

Use Case 6

Use Case 7: Identify devices that operate via a given method.

Use Case 7

Use Case 8: Find all sensors that perform a particular measurement.

Use Case 8

Use Case 9: Find devices that can obtain certain physical samples.

Use Case 9

Use Case 10: Find all the devices that have a certain characteristic or meet certain criteria.

Use Case 10

Use Case 11: Infer information about data from sensor identification.

Use Case 11

Use Case 12: Specifying Equipment - Summary Metadata

Use Case 12

Use Case 13: Find device or component that can measure a given real-world property
or produce a given output parameter

Use Case 13 (This use case represents a blend of use cases 4, 5, and 8, as discussed in the 2008.10.14 telecon.)