Device related ontologies

Note: this is currently a broad overview of a few ontologies (some finished, others in draft form) that are related to our own ontology. In the spirit of the semantic web, the important aspect here is that our ontology should be "linked" with other ontologies where appropriate. Some of the obvious spaces are the SWEET ontologies and data models developed by OGC.

MMI Device Ontology

This is our current version

Registered at ORR:

Diagram: PNG.

MMI Platform Ontology

Registered at ORR:

Diagram: PNG (1 MB)


This diagram shows part of the OntoSensor model from here.

This is a more comprehensive diagram (2.15MB) generated from

SensorML Processes

A diagram based on this slide by Mike Botts.

Semantic Sensor Network Ontology.

Description here.

Diagram created from this ontology.

Larger diagram version (334KB).

CESN Ontology.

Diagram created from this ontology.

Larger diagram version (191KB).


Diagram from OOSTethys.

SWAMO Sensor Platform

From Al Underbrink's presentation.

SWEET 1.1 Phenomena (partial)

A property in our ontology could be measuredPhenomena with System as domain and Phenomena (or perhaps a subclass of Phenomena) as the range.

Note: this is actually more an Event ontology; it is not phenomena in the OGC sense (sensor: "an entity capable of observing a phenomenon and returning and observed value.")

Sensor Hierarchy Ontology

Figure from Eid et al's A Universal Ontology for Sensor Networks Data (2007). The paper proposes a two layer
prototype ontology that utilizes the IEEE Suggested
Upper Merged Ontology (SUMO) as a root definition of
general concepts and associations and two subontologies:
the sensor data sub-ontology and the sensor
hierarchy sub-ontology.