References of Interest
Some references that may be of interest (started from this email).
  • MMI Sensor pages:
    All the items tagged on the MMI site with the 'Sensors' keyword. This includes some things we don't care about, but the titles are usually self-explanatory enough to be helpful.  Particularly note IEEE 1451 as an important reference model.

  • MMI sensor-related vocabularies:
    Vocabularies that we've found that relate to sensors, particularly types of sensors, in the marine community. While some of these are simply lists of terms, many of them contain clues about the characteristics that were important.

  • MMI sensor-related ontologies:
    A few of the most relevant ontologies.

  • Graphical references to a number of related ontologies:
    Some diagrams of ontologies that have proven relevant to our work. Not all of these are sensor ontologies exactly, and it's nice to have a couple of graphical references on one page.