Ontologies Team

Team Mission

The ontology team provides direction to MMI ontology strategies, and provide an opportunity for community engagement in those strategies. It seeks to influence community activities toward common approaches that will give the best data management results in both short and long term.

In its technical activities, the ontology team provides development ofontologies, ontology mappings, ontology services, and ontology tools for the marine metadata community.

activities of ontology team


Anyone in the community is welcome to participate as a member of the ontology team. The most basic level of participation is to sign up on the mailing list, and respond if you have insight. This is a fairly focused mailing list, with light to moderate traffic. There is no obligation to sign up, and a great way to learn a lot about state of the practice in ontology development. (This is also how you can learn who else is on the team, which is fairly large.)

You may also choose to become a member of one or more of our ontology development efforts, whether its developing ontologies, participating in mapping workshops, or developing tools or services. These are all open source development efforts, and we would be pleased to have your contributions.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about participation.


The Key Links box to the right contains several links to pages summarizing activities of the ontology team.

Contact us!

You can contact the Ontologies team lead (click on the 'Manager' name in the Ontologies Team box to the right, then on the Contact tab for that member) for more information about the team, its activities, or how to participate. We welcome your interest!