MMI and You at AGU

MMI had a strong presence again at AGU this year, and offers its readers some helpful tips and access to content.

We have collected references to a number of abstracts that are written by MMI contributors and/or address key metadata issues. This page references abstracts from MMI contributors, a list of MMI-related AGU presentations that we have posted on this site, an itinerary of all data management and semantic presentations at AGU, and other useful references.

Please feel free to contact the authors for more information on their material!

Metadata- and MMI-Related Abstracts

MMI Contributors at AGU

MMI Presentations at AGU

The Community Presence page for Fall AGU 2008 contains a list of the presentations (oral presentations and posters) given at the Fall AGU meeting. Scroll to the bottom of the page for a list of the presentations.

Fall AGU 2008 Community Presence (with presentations)

Metadata and Semantic Itinerary at AGU

We have put together an itinerary that contains most of the informatics, semantic, ontology, and data management presentations of the AGU meeting.

MMI Data Mgt and Semantic Itinerary

Sessions of Interest at AGU

This list collects the AGU sessions related to informatics.

Sessions of Interest