MMI-Focused Committees and Teams

The following teams are focused on achieving MMI's community goals.

Advisory Bodies

MMI Product Teams

  • Community Presence Team: MMI Members in the community, representing the activities, projects, and collected wisdom of the Marine Metadata Interoperability Project
  • Community Updates Team: Marine Metadata Journalists - Finding and publishing information about items of community interest
  • DIVE Team: Short-term, focused research in areas of need to the marine sciences comunity
  • Guides Team: Developing Metadata Understanding
  • MMI Project Management: Information about coordination of the MMI project itself.
  • MMI Workshop 2008: Planning for MMI Workshop
  • Strategic Planning: Strategic planning for the MMI project.
  • Tech Team: Team of technical contributors to MMI project
  • Web Team: Contributors to MMI web development activities.
  • Website Transition Team: Project to move MMI website
  • Workshop Templates: Development of templates enabling the community to host vocabulary mapping workshops.
  • Workshops Team: General work applicable to MMI workshops (teams are sometimes created for each workshop)