Image Metadata Specification for CenSeam

The CenSeam Image Metadata Project intends to standardize the metadata captured for still images by members of The Global Census of Marine Life on Seamounts (CenSeam) working group, with the possibility of being used in the larger marine science community through projects like The Census of Marine Life (CoML) and Marine Metadata Interoperability (MMI). In addition to writing the specification document, Mike McCann and Lonny Lundsten, from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), have created images with embedded metadata following this specification, and a protocol for reading and writing this metadata to still images.

For more information on the MBARI image metadata, email Lonny Lundsten at MBARI (lonny at

Group News and Highlights

Image Metadata Specification

Here is the resulting Proposed Image Metadata Specification. It represents the end of the group's work, at least for the time being. Other groups are welcome to take this and move it forward (please let us know!).

Update on MBARI Image Metadata

A brief update on MBARI image metadata related activites:

CenSeam Metadata Specification Mentioned in SemWeb

In response to an ontology development effort that requested image metadata ideas, we mentioned the CenSeam Image Metadata Specification to the SemWeb mail list of the W3C ( The Creative Commons has proposed a markup specification for images using RDFa, and is interested in improving it. Several other interesting image metadata ontologies were also referenced during that discussion (pointers are below).

Multimedia Resource Metadata proposal public RFC

GBIF Logo TDWG Logo The Global Biodiversity Information Facility and the Biodiversity Informatics Standards (TDWG) organization solicit comments on a representation-neutral metadata schema for multimedia resources, including images, audio, video, collections, and multi-media enhanced species identification tools.  Emphasis is placed on the ability of resource providers to progressively refine the metadata services they offer.

Recent investigations...

MBARI has begun investigating the possible application of the CenSeam image metadata standard to MBARI images. While this is a very preliminary investigation, the exploration process already led to additional discoveries about metadata-friendly tools for images, and opened up consideration of other sources and applications of image metadata. These additional understandings will be captured as part of the CenSeam Image Metadata Project, to continue the community's progress on an image metadata standard.