Mailing Lists

Marine Metadata Interoperability Mailing Lists

The following lists are maintained by the MMI Project.

MMI News Mailing List
Relatively low-frequency announcements (monthly newsletter plus occasional updates) about MMI and general metadata topics.
MMI Metadata Information Forum ('ask')
A forum to ask general (or specific) questions about metadata. Experts from the metadata community will offer answers and opinions, or will suggest other sources of information.
MMI Site Help
Technical details about the MMI site: Issues and answers about plone, zope, mailman, apache, and their configuration on our system. (Mostly for site contributors, but anyone can see or sign up for the list.)
Internal MMI Support Lists (must be logged in)
MMI maintains numerous internal lists accessible to members. Send mail to the site lead for more information on contributing.

Other Mailing Lists

Email list for MOTIIVE, a project addressing marine metadata profiling, marine data modeling, and Feature Type catalogues.
GEO Metadata
General geospatial metadata questions.
ICES/IOC XML Study Group
Email list considering XML issues.
Marine XML Email List
List for EU MarineXML project. Not clear if active.

SDSC Earth DB Forum List
A listserver at San Diego Supercomputer Center to ask questions and get answers on database issues for the earth sciences.
CF Metadata
An active list for discussions about interpretation, clarification, and proposals for extensions or change to the CF conventions. This is the place to request new CF standard names.
Active lists for discussions about OpeNDAP.
Sensor ML Forum
Discussion list for Sensor Model Language (SensorML), an OGC Technical Specification referenced elsewhere on this site.
IRIS Web Services Forum
A list for the earth sciences community to discuss issues related to the implementation and use of web services. Sponsored by IRIS.

Ontology and Semantic Web
Protege Lists
Protege, an ontology editor, has various lists: announcement, beta, general and owl. The last one is related to the OWL plugin, and includes discussions about ontology development.
Jena List
JENA is a semantic web tool kit, an application program interface (API) for JAVA. Technical discussions on ontology development take place in this list.
RDF Logic Forum
Technical discussions about RDF, Resource Description Framework, which is the underlying model of the Ontology Web Language (OWL).
Semantic Web Yahoo group
General questions about the semantic web