Marine Metadata Communities and Teams

Community teams that are hosted by MMI and focused on marine metadata interoperability activities and results

The following teams are hosted by MMI and focused on achieving community goals of marine metadata interoperability.

  • Collaborative Oceans Group (COG): Oceans2025 initiative to build a semantic web infrastructure for marine scientists.
  • DIGARCH: Interoperability framework that serves as the basis for a federated, mult-institional data network for scalable digital archiving.
  • Environmental Observatories: Supporting collabrations in all facets of data management for the national environment observatories.
  • Expedition Metadata: Project addressing metadata for expeditions like ship cruises, encompassing 3 activities to date:
    • Legacy Project: Metadata development for the LEgacy Project (LDEO, NGDC, MBARI, CCOM).
    • MG&G Integration: Participants from SESAR, NGDC, and MGDC are working collaboratively to develop controlled vocabularies for metadata elements.
    • Platforms Harmonization for UNOLS: UNOLS Platforms Harmonization Project
  • Guilf of Marine Ocean Data Partnership: GoMODP promotes and coordinates the sharing, linking, electronic dissemination and use of data on the Gulf of Maine region.
  • Image Metadata for CenSeam:Intends to standardize the metadata captures for still images through the CenSeam working group.
  • IOOS DMAC: IOOS Data Management and Communication team delivers real-time and delayed-mode observations to a wide variety of users.
  • IOOS Observation Registry Project: The registry is a database that defines the operational status and distribution of in situ ocean observation activity among non federal participants.
  • ISWG Standards Taxonomy: Aims to categorize the types of standards used in earth observations.
  • Meta-T: The Water Temperature metadata pilot project is aiming to provide an international standardization framework for collecting SST and water temperature.
  • Ontologies Team: MMI members addressing ontology issues.
  • Ontologies for Devices: A project to develop one or more device ontologies
  • Ontology for Platforms: Platform Ontology project
  • OOI CI: OOI Cyberinfrastructure Conceptual Architecture Committee
  • OOSTethys Team:OOSTethys is a provider-to-user data systems framework, using interoperable standards, enabling discovery and use of data.
  • Resource Selection: Creating meaningful criteria for characterization and evaluation of resources, including standards and vocabularies
  • Science Training: Science Training
  • UNOLS RVTEC: A committee focused on better planning and more successful execution of scientific cruises.