Collaborative Ocean Group (COG)

Project Information

Collaborative Ocean is an initiative under Ocean2025 to build a semantic web infrastructure to enable marine scientists to collaboratively publish their resources on the semantic web to assist multi-use of the ocean data. An important task in this mission is to enable semantic annotation of sensors, measurement data, operation, personnel, etc. and generate a repository of RDF triples in order to exploit semantic web capacities such as navigation and inference for intelligent resource discovery and data interoperability. The initialtive started within National Oceanograpghy Centre in University of Southampton. We hope interested oceanographers, marine engineers and data providers can work collaboratively with the semantic web community to help opening up their data through weaving the semantic web.

This initialtive will complement the ontology groups, in particular the device ontology group by providing them a semantic web infrastructure on which their integration can be experimented. We also plan to link to the BODC vocabulary to reuse exisiting concepts and demonstrate data interoprobability.

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Live Services for COG (semantically enriching and publishing oceanographic resources)

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