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Biodiversitykstocks2Biodiversity semantic and interoperability topics Invite only
CICORE Vocabulary Developmentgraybeal5Task to develop interoperable vocabulary for CICORERequest membership
CMSP Discovery Vocabulariesamaffei11Follow-on work from "Coastal and Marine Spaital Planning Discovery Vocabularies Workshop", a joint WHOI/USGS/NOAA Workshop held 12/1/2010 - 12/3/2010Request membership
Collaborative Ocean Group (COG)barrytao6Oceans2025 initiative to build a semantic web infrastructure for marine scientistsJoin
Community Presencecarynn2MMI Members in the community, representing the activities, projects, and collected wisdom of the Marine Metadata Interoperability ProjectJoin
Community Updates Teamcarynn3Marine Metadata Journalists - Finding and publishing information about items of community interestRequest membership
DIGARCHhellyj1The DIGARCH interoperability framework is the basis for a federated, multi-institutional data network for scalable digital archiving.Closed
DIVE Teamcarynn19Short-term, focused research in areas of need to the marine sciences communityRequest membership
Environmental Observatoriesgraybeal1Environmental Observatories: supporting collaborations in all facets of data management for the national environmental observatories.Closed
Expedition Metadataarko52Metadata about expeditions (ship cruises)Join
Guides Teamkstocks17Guides Team: Developing Metadata UnderstandingRequest membership
Gulf of Maine Ocean Data Partnershipaball1GoMODP: to promote and coordinate the sharing, linking, electronic dissemination, and use of data on the Gulf of Maine region.Closed
Image Metadata Specification for CenSeamlonny21The CenSeam Image Metadata ProjectRequest membership
IOOS DMACjbosch1IOOS Data Management and CommunicationClosed
IOOS Observation Registry Projectpederson211The registry is a database that defines the operational status and distribution of in situ ocean observation activity among non federal participants.Closed
ISWG Standards Taxonomygraybeal1ISWG Standards Taxonomy is aiming to categorize the types of standards used in earth observations.Closed
Meta-Tderricksnowden3The Water Temperature metadata pilot project is aiming to provide an international standardization framework for collecting SST and water temperature.Closed
MetaDetergentadorsk3Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Cleaning MetadataRequest membership
MMI Project Managementgraybeal2Information about coordination of the MMI project itself.Request membership
MMI Workshop 2008graybeal15Planning for 2008 MMI WorkshopsRequest membership
Ontologies Teamgraybeal89MMI and community members addressing ontology issues.Join
Ontology for Devicesgraybeal95A project to develop one or more device ontologies.Join
Ontology for Platformsgraybeal85Project to develop an ontolog of science observing platformsJoin
OOI CIgraybeal1OOI Cyberinfrastructure Conceptual Architecture CommitteeClosed
OOSTethys TeamluisBer8OOSTethys is a provider-to-user data systems framework, using interoperable standards, enabling discovery and use of data.Closed
Resource Selectioncarynn9Creating meaningful criteria for characterization and evaluation of resources, including standards and vocabulariesRequest membership
Science Advisory Panelgraybeal2Science Advisory PanelClosed
Science Trainingswatson1Science TrainingClosed
Steering Committeegraybeal21The Steering Committee for the MMI project (provides project direction).Invite only
Strategic Planningswatson2Strategic planning for the MMI project.Request membership
Technical Advisory Panelgraybeal14Senior technical members of the scientific data management community advising the MMI project.Closed
Technical Teamsgraybeal83Team of technical contributors to MMI projectJoin
TestOrganicGroupogo1a test organic groupRequest membership
Units of Measure MappingluisBer35Units of Measure MappingJoin
UNOLS RVTECgraybeal1UNOLS RVTEC: a committee focused on better planning and more successful execution of scientific cruises.Closed
Vocabulary Developmentcarueda36Vocabulary DevelopmentRequest membership
Web Teamngalbraith8Contributors to MMI web development activities.Request membership
Website Transition Teamngalbraith23Project to move MMI websiteInvite only
Workshop Templatesswatson1Development of templates enabling the community to host vocabulary mapping workshops.Request membership
Workshops Teamswatson1General work applicable to MMI workshops (teams are sometimes created for each workshop)Closed
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