MMI Project Status (Fall 2015)

What's happening with the MMI project?

The MMI project was first funded by the National Science Foundation in 2004. Today it continues to provide guidance, vocabularies and semantic services, with regular updates on events and news of interest to the community. Our continued popularity is confirmed by page visits, positive comments, and community use. Your contributions are always welcome—to become a member, see this page for instructions—it's easy! And please contact us if you want to participate or offer feedback.

MMI's NSF funding ended some years ago. The MMI sites (this one, and the ORR Semantic Repository) are on-line thanks to the hosting support contributed by TAMU-Corpus Christi's Harte Research Institute (HRI). The sites are supported by MMI volunteers from organizations including MBARI and TAMU-Corpus Christi. We continue to offer professional guidance for vocabulary creation and maintenancecommunity vocabularies in our semantic repository, and comprehensive references, among many other assets.

Recently Funded Projects

MMI's ORR project participated in the X-DOMES EarthCube project, which was recently funded by the National Science Foundation. With this money, the Ontology Registry and Repository will be improved in quality and features, to support the community elements of the X-DOMES initiative. 

MMI's ORR project has also been funded by an ESIP Federation grant, to enable an ESIP-dedicated prototype (the "ESIP Community Ontology Repository") to be deployed on the ESIP cloud. This project is scheduled for completion in 2015, and evaluation by the ESIP community thereafter.

To the future

Where to now for MMI? The answer depends on the community and members like you, and we are confident of positive results. 

We know MMI and its services are admired, valued, and used by the oceanographic community. NOAA's IOOS program and NSF's OOI program both leverage MMI and its semantic services, and the user base for those services is increasing. The semantic services have been continuously improved since their creation; we expect this to continue, and are actively working on many more improvements.  We are working on the NSF-funded X-DOMES project, and on ESIP Federation grant to deploy an MMI ORR instance on the cloud.

MMI welcomes interest from anyone who wants to make a proposal to funding agencies (or to their boss). The organization provides a well-known community foundation and presence for its members to move related projects forward. If you are interested, even if you are looking for proposal ideas, please contact MMI's Project Lead. We can help!

In conclusion

MMI has a great history, great content and services, and best of all, an engaged community of advocates and volunteers. This makes its future bright. We encourage you to make MMI what you value most—let us know how we can support you.

John Graybeal (Project Lead) and Carlos Rueda (Technical Lead), for the MMI Steering Team and Community