John Graybeal: MMI Project Lead and Beyond


I am the Project Lead of the Marine Metadata Interoperability Project. In this role, I emphasize the community's shared ownership of the work, and facilitating the entire MMI activity. I have a passing knowledge of a ridiculously large number of standards and specifications, a fairly detailed interest in semantics and meaning and ways of capturing them, and experience leading the building and operation of computer systems. I contribute to the development of community resources, for example by co-chairing the latest revision of the NetCDF Attribute Convention for Data Discovery.

I also provide strategic and technical consulting for earth science data systems and metadata issues, for clients such as the Schmidt Ocean Institute.

In my recent work I was the Metadata Expert for Marinexplore (now PlanetOS) a startup dedicated to managing marine data. In this role I recommended the metadata and semantic features for the system, and, like everyone else on the project, do whatever is needed to make the project successful.

Previously, at Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, I was a Software Engineer and Group Lead, working primarily on oceanographic data management applications (see the SSDS repository on Google code) and operations. (MBARI helped start MMI!) Then, on the Ocean Observatories Initiative Cyberinfrastructure project, I served as Product Manager for an integrated and high-fidelity ocean data infrastructure.


You can reach me using this contact page.

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